I'm currently reading a book about anthropology and Chinese religion the odd thing about it is that the research was done for it 25 years ago, with no acknowledgement of how things might have changed in the meantime. On the bus this morning I was thinking about how even the CofE had changed in the past 25 years. 25 years ago there were no women vicars and now they're looking at women bishops. Though the women bishops thing still pisses me off, the idea that it's "ok" for some places to still be sexist and ask for a 2nd male bishop to report to. I mean can you imagine the outrage if we were talking about minority ethnic men and the church had set up a "white" auxillary bishop. It makes me so angry that sexism is still so accepted in society. I don't understand women who want to belong to a religion where they are considered to be second class because of their gentalia, for me this was the largest reason why I decided to leave the church. While Christianity seems to be trying to move away from the inherant misogyny in which it's based the fact that these things are still even an issue leaves me cold...


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