March 2009
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06:43 pm

Introduction to modern information retrieval by G.G. Chowdhury

09:39 pm

The future of classification Ed. by Marcella and Maltby

01:46 pm

Rare books librarianship by Roderick Cave

01:48 pm

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

01:13 pm

Libraries and information services in China By Gong Yitai, G. E. Gorman

09:50 am

The box of delights by John Masefield

10:37 am

(no subject)

02:00 pm

World War Z by Max Brooks (again)

05:46 pm

I is a good library school student!!!

10:48 am

Last week for Senate House descision...

10:19 pm

Zhangjiajie Majestic Mountains of Hunan China photos by Sun jianhua.

11:14 am

Historian of the Strange by Judith T. Zeitlin



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