Thought people might be interested in seeing this.

Looks like there's only one week before it becomes descision time on the future of Senate House library.

Read Les Crang's blog here:

So in one week the decision will (really this time!), be made on SHL's future. The collective ownership solution we argued for was basically ruled out last time round. There is now a real threat that if college heads don't agree on a UCL bid, all of SHL's books will be sold off.

We, therefore, have made a new petition for the college heads, PLEASE SIGN IT:

Also, however, we believe that UCL could take on extra commitments, and must be legally obligated to respect very demanding conditions for ownership. We have also, therefore (after taking advice on the best thing to do), drafted a letter for Michael Worton at UCL on the group page. PLEASE leave your name, college, and status/ graduating year on the group wall if you would like to sign.


This forced change of plan has been dissapointing for us, and may be dissapointing for you, but unfortunately - it sees to us - there is no other way.

Even if you disagree with this, then, thankyou, in every case, for everything you have done so far!
Absolutely gorgeous photography. This is such a beautiful region. It looks like Chinese landscape paintings but is actual photographs. Each one is so atmospheric you can spend ages imagining the immortals living there. A lot of the places had names from Journey to the West, and there was even a lovely picture of a monkey sitting next to a flower.

The book seemed to be trying to encourage tourism there and I was convinced. It looks like an unbelievably gorgeous place to visit. I would love to make it there someday.


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