I managed to buy a lovely 1890s set of 4 of the volumes in the Saga library for cheap on ebay and it was very nice to read such great old editions. I had heard that these translations aren't considered to be that great but I wanted to read them anyway as I'm so fond of Morris' own prose romances. I did enjoy the writing and the stories just not as much as Morris' own.

The stories were supposedly histories of the Kings of Iceland. There was a lot about fighting, sheep stealing and trials. It reminded me a little of Arthurian myths without the magic, where everyone was very "wroth". In fact the language was very old fashioned and enjoyable though it was a little complicated to keep track of who was who and what was happening at times, still I am looking forward to reading the rest of the volumes.

They seem to have e-childrens books. But as I don't have the plugin at work can't tell if they're in English or Chinese or both.