A retelling of the legend of the Herd boy and the weaving maid in under 300 characters! Very simple to read. It was lovely to be able to sit down and read a Chinese story cover to cover in under and hour and understand everything. It didn't really feel like studying but like a reward, and it was good practice for remembering how sentence structure goes.

The legend is lovely, though the Queen Mother of the West comes across as a mean for separating the lovers for no good reason. And in this version the couple had children, but no mention was made of them when they were separated and turned back into stars.

While below my level it was nice to read something that wasn't a stretch for a change, will have to see if I can track down the other books in the series, though as they were printed in the 70s that might be a bit difficult.

EDIT: The other volumes cost £10-50 on Amazon! But SOAS library has all four! Horray! Now I just need to read the French book about medieval Chinese libraries and I can go and pick them up!


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