I did enjoy the style of this book a great deal. It read somewhere between, Dracula, Denis Wheatley and a Hammer Horror film. A nice little occult story about an Egyptologist, his daughter, a dead Egyptian Queen and a QC. There was also an asortment of Police Inspectors and Doctors, which reminded me a bit of Lucy's entorage is Dracula, being that they didn't really seem to have much purpose for the story.

The narrative was quite slow and introspective, not a great deal seemed to happen and the ending was unexpected, and a little disappointing. But the unexplained mystery and beauty of the book made it well worth reading.

I liked the scientific turn of the century approach to magic and religion. There were several points about Egypt that seemed a bit wrong to me, the Queen in the story was said to be the only Queen of Egypt, and the only female Pharaoh. (Which made me wonder if this was before Hatshepsut was discovered, or inspired by her discovery) and the father mentioned how Egypt had no women doctors, which I'm fairly certain it did.

Still despite being a bit slow in places I found it enjoyable and will definitely read other of Stoker's books as I come across them.

EDIT: Turns out there are two endings to this story, the 1903 and the 1912. In order to get it re-released Stoker had to make it happier. Have just found the original ending online and while not quite as mysterious is probably much better!


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