it will also let people load up and play old computer games that technology has left behind.

This was a fantastic book, possibly the best I've read so far in this series, though there is a lot of stiff competition.

The Witch of Prague is a supernatural story unlike any I've ever read before. It starts in a crowded church but then the streets become deserted and there are only 8 people within the book. The characters are amazing, wonderfully described almost archetypes in their grandness. A story of love and obsession, the search for eternal life, the nature of magic and hypnotism. It'd make an amazingly beautiful graphic novel. It was very intense.

The short stories were all written in a very different voice, or voices.

The Screaming Skull was an interesting tale of murder and revenge, very atmospheric and supernatural.

For the Blood is the Life is one of the best Vampire short stories I've ever read. It was almost Lovecraftian in it's creepiness.

The Upper Berth, a nice supernatural tale of a haunted room in a ship.

Man overboard, was my least favorite, I think I was just bored of the ship themes by this point and it took awhile to become spooky.

The Doll's Ghost was very sweet and lovely. Almost comical to start with but very sad and touching.

The Dead Smile, a doomed love affair that was a little predictable but ok.

By the Waters of Paradise was fantastic. A lovely romance worthy of William Morris told in the first person by a hero stricken with melancholy.

The King's Messenger, also fairly short and sweet, though also a little predictable.

There was a great range, even though most of the stories were in some way supernatural, but there was great characterisation and a lovely, though varied, writing style. According to the introduction the author was very popular in late Victorian times though is not well known today. I think I shall have to track down more of his work.


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