A wonderful children's story. I wish I'd read this when I was younger and had watched some of the bbc adaptation (which scared me a lot) but in a way I'm glad I waited as the BBC also released a very shortened version at the time of the series and it would have been sad to have missed out on anything.

It was a very fantastic tale set in modern day (1930s) England. With an evil clergy gang, and pirates and magic, time travel and immortality. It was the closest thing to Michael Ende that I've found in English children's fiction. I would also not be at all surprised to find that Neil Gaiman had read it at an early age and it had a big influence on him as it reminded me a lot of his work.

It had some fantastic lines, like when the newspaper described the gang kidnapping all the clergy as the "red hot atheists" which I thought would make a terrific band name. Or when Kay wished he knew what cooking human flesh smelt like. And there was Herne and fairies and everything!

A very enjoyable story, I was loaned a nice old copy from a friend at library school and will definitely have to get my own.


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